Becoming a Pump Tester

How to Become an APEP Participating Pump Test Company

We appreciate your interest in the Advanced Pumping Efficiency Program (APEP), and specifically becoming qualified as a Participating Pump Test Company. In order to issue a Services Agreement, we need to be satisfied that you, or the individual at your company, meets the program requirements.

The program requirements include:

I. Meeting the pump tester criteria for experience. At a minimum, Potential Participants must either show that they are:

  1. A former or current employee of an investor-owned or municipal utility, who is testing (did test) – pumps for efficiency as a part of his/her normal duties;
  2. A former or current employee of a pump repair/installation company that has been in business for at least 5 years, who is testing (did test) pumps for efficiency as part of his/her normal duties;
  3. A former or current employee (or owner) of a company whose business it was or -is- to test- – pumps for efficiency and who does  or -did so on behalf of this company as part of his/her normal duties,

And, further, may be requested to submit evidence that they have tested at least 75 pumps (60 of which were water wells). This evidence could include submittal of pump test reports that identify the tester.

Pump tests should, at a minimum, be performed according to the guidelines “Field Requirements for Pump Testing” that are Attachment F of the Services Agreement. These guidelines are part of the Services Agreement that you will sign.

II. Providing certification of the accuracy of the instruments used. (Some testers use our facilities for verifying accuracy.)

III. Providing certification of sufficient insurance. as per the following clause in the Services Agreement (which you must sign):

“Without limiting the COMPANY’s obligation to indemnify the FOUNDATION herein, the COMPANY shall: (1) maintain and keep in force, appropriate liability policies as stated below, (2) name the State of California; the Trustees of the California State University; California State University, Fresno; the FOUNDATION; PG&E, and all of said entities’ departments, directors, officers, employees, representatives and agents as additional insureds under each policy, (3) stipulate to not less than a thirty (30) day notice of cancellation during the term of this AGREEMENT with notice to be provided to the FOUNDATION, and (4) provide to the FOUNDATION every twelve months proof of the following insurance coverage:

A. Appropriate automobile liability insurance written on an “occurrence” basis, with coverage of not less than $1,000,000 per incident, covering bodily injury and property damage when using owned, leased, or hired motorized vehicles in connection with the performance of actions authorized by this AGREEMENT.

B. Appropriate commercial liability insurance, written on an “occurrence” basis, with a policy limit of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence.  The policy must cover bodily injury and damage to property.

C. Appropriate worker’s compensation insurance in an adequate amount for COMPANY’s business and in accordance with existing law.”

In addition to meeting the above requirements:

I. You must use software provided by APEP for storing and preparing reports of pump tests

II. Procure signed Access Agreements from your customers before the test is performed

III.    Procure signed Records of Test from the customers as you deliver the reports to them.

IV. Invoice APEP in a prescribed manner, which includes submitting electronic copies of the tests.

Please note this statement contained in the APEP Policies and Procedures Manual regarding the pump test:

The performance and results of the pump efficiency tests are the sole responsibility of the pump test company. Any agreement for pump testing that you enter into is a business arrangement solely between the pump testing company and you.  Neither PG&E, APEP, the Center for Irrigation Technology, the California State University, Fresno Foundation, the California Public Utilities Commission,  nor any other party guarantees the accuracy of the pump test, nor are any of the aforementioned parties guarantors of such company.”

As a Participating Pump Test Company you are not an employee of the CSU Fresno, the CSU Fresno Foundation, PG&E, or the California Public Utilities Commission. You are an independent business and are responsible for your business affairs, including developing customers, arranging and performing pump tests, and creating reports and invoices. The pump test subsidy is paid to you (not your customers). You are free to charge more for the test than the subsidy but we constantly advise pump owner/operators to make sure they understand what the full cost will be before they authorize a test.

Further, APEP does not assign market areas. The various qualified testers are free to develop business wherever they feel it profitable.

The current subsidy schedule is $100 for a pump that has not been tested by one of our testers in the last 23 months, and $50 for the test of a booster pump that is directly connected to a well pump when the well pump is also being tested.  Note that this subsidy schedule can change at any time.

Call our main office at 800-845-6038 for more information on becoming a Participating Pump Test Company. Or mail the following to the program main office at:

Advanced Pumping Efficiency Program (APEP)
Center for Irrigation Technology
5370 North Chestnut Avenue M/S OF 18
Fresno, CA  93740

  1. Statement indicating your desire to become a Participating Pump Test Company.
  2. Resume or Statement of Experience that provides proof that you meet our requirements.
  3. List of equipment currently being used, along with copies of any appropriate certificates of accuracy.
  4. Summary of your current testing protocols (i.e., what steps do you follow in completing the pump test and developing the report).
  5. Proof of insurance that meets our requirements.