Application Procedure

Obtaining an application

The first step in the incentive rebate procedure is to obtain an application form. Applications can be obtained by contacting APEP, or through your local pump service or pump test company. Click on the appropriate link below to download an application directly.

STEPS TO apply for an incentive rebate

  1. Obtain an Application form.  Call your PG&E account representative, call one of APEP’s offices, or log on to the APEP web site at  Your pump repair company or pump test company may also have applications for distribution.
  2. Read Sections I., II., III., IV., and V.  Fill out Section IV., the Agreement, completely.  Read all statements in Section IV.4 carefully, especially clause 7 where your initials are required.  By signing this Agreement you are certifying that these statements are true.  YOU ARE NOT COMMITTING TO COMPLETING THE PUMP RETROFIT BY SIGNING THE APPLICATION!  The application is only an agreement regarding the incentive that might be paid to you.  Chapter XIV. of this document contains a copy of the Agreement.
  3. APEP, in consultation with you, will perform all the calculations.
  4. Fill out Section VI, Project Description, as much as possible.
  5. Keep the Certificate of Completion.
  6. Make a copy of the application and supporting documentation for your records and mail or fax the following to the Advanced Pumping Efficiency Program:
  • The original Section IV. of the Application.
  • Copy of a pump efficiency test performed prior to the start of the project.  The testing company does not have to be an APEP participating pump test company but the test must be deemed accurate by APEP.
    7. We will notify you of Application acceptance or the need for more information.
    8. If the Application is accepted, and when the project is complete, paid for, and the post-retrofit pump test completed, mail the following to APEP:
  • The Certificate of Completion, including the start and finish dates of the project.
  • Copies of invoices marked PAID by the pump service company, or copies of cancelled checks along with invoices.
  • Copy of the post-retrofit pump efficiency test performed no more than three (3) years after the pre-project pump test.

IMPORTANT!  The documentation of annual energy use must be copies of utility bills or a summary of energy use prepared by the utility.  If you cannot find the correct calendar year’s bills showing energy usage, call your local PG&E account representative, visit, call the PG&E Business Customer Service Center at 1-800-468-4743 to obtain a record, or call the APEP main office at 1-800-845-6038.

IMPORTANT!  The invoices must clearly state all eligible work that was performed, including replacement of parts, labor, and diagnostics. If a new pump is installed (or in the case where this information is known), the pump make, model, and number of stages must be identified.

 All material should be mailed to:

Advanced Pumping Efficiency Program
Center for Irrigation Technology
5370 North Chestnut Ave M/S OF 18
Fresno, CA 93740-8021


Refer to the current Policies and Procedures Manual for full details.

Contact APEP at any time if you have questions or need assistance in filling out the application.