Other Programs

In addition to the APEP activities funded by PG&E, CIT also implemented a pilot program in the area of diesel-powered pumping plants on behalf of the Federal EPA and the Valley CAN group. This effort resulted in 69 pump efficiency tests, 11 pump retrofit projects, and preparation of a diesel pump testers kit including computer software to database and perform calculations regarding the test, instructions for assembling equipment necessary to measure fuel flows, and guidance on performance in interpreting the test results. The background thesis paper regarding this effort can be read here.

Although the main objective of the diesel-oriented program is improving air quality through reductions in emissions from the diesel-powered pumping plants, we also emphasize sound water management.

See our Case Studies for examples of the kinds of savings California farmers have realized through CIT’s efforts. All of our written materials can be downloaded from the Educational section of this site.

IMPORTANT! Three important resources for those interested in the Diesel Pumping Efficiency Program, diesel-powered pumping plants, pump efficiency testing of diesel-powered pumps, and air quality in general are now available:

  1. Click here to view the final report to the EPA for the pilot-level Diesel Pumping Efficiency Program.
  2. Click here to view the Diesel Pump Tester’s Resource Manual developed for the follow-on project funded by the Valley CAN group.
  3. Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation summarizing the Diesel Pumping Efficiency Program. This file includes extensive notes for each slide. You may want to download the file (about 3.2 MB) and view with the notes visible.