The Program maintains two Pumping Mobile Education Centers. These are enclosed trailers with self-contained pumping plants. They are used to introduce the basic concepts of pump performance and how to specify and maintain an efficient pump. They travel around the state in order to present educational seminars of various lengths and subjects.

The MECs can be used in a number of ways.  Seen below is a basic set-up for an outdoor seminar.  This puts the seminar next to production fields where the water efficiency components of the educational message can be easily demonstrated.

In the picture below, the MEC has been set up next to a shop building to allow for a seminar protected from adverse weather.


Below is a setting where the MEC was set-up next to outdoor picnic facilities.   This allowed for lunch to be served during the seminar, saving time for busy farmers.

The MECs can also act as "static displays" as shown below.  Here, a local pump repair company was presenting a "client appreciation day" and the MECs were used as part of a series of educational displays.

The picture below is a detail of the interior of the MECs.  As noted above, each MEC is a self-contained pumping plant.  Two pumps are on board, each instrumented so that a pump efficiency test can be conducted in real time.  Thus, using different valve settings the MEC can demonstrate how much it costs for a pump to be operating inefficiently.  The results are projected on the screen.


Take a virtual tour of the PMEC


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